Google Instant


By Joe Vanderham, September 8, 2010



On Wednesday, Google launched 'Google Instant' in the United States for all major browsers.  It will soon be available in the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Russia with a mobile version coming in a couple months.


What 'Google Instant' does is give you search results as you type.  So, for example, as soon as you type the letter "e", search results come up beginning with  Enter "ex" and search results change with maybe on top.


The concept behind the new search design is to speed searches up.  What Google has stated is that their servers can return search results quicker than users can type in their entire search query so by giving users instant results.  With instant results, users can quickly scan as they type to find what they are looking for, thus allowing for more searches to be completed and more complex problems to be solved.


But with results changing on the fly, how will this effect webmasters?  Will they have to change their strategies to maintain number of clicks?  Also will it effect Adwords users and their CTR data?  Google says it's not likely to effect clicks but haven't stated anything about Adwords data.


How do you feel about 'Google Instant'?  Has it sped up your searches?  Have you seen an impact in traffic to your website, good or bad?  We have noticed a slight decrease in traffic, but this is day one and we are not ready to put the blame on Google yet.


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