iTunes / Paypal Fraud


By Joe Vanderham, August 23, 2010


We have been getting numerous reports a number of peoples' iTunes accounts getting hacked and racking up charges on their Paypal accounts.  It is unclear whether it was a phishing scheme or a major security hole in iTunes accounts that are linked to Paypal that allowed scammers to charge as much as they like to the compromised account.  We do know that thousands of dollars are being charged without authorization, sometimes on the same account.


hacked itunes tweets


It appears that, at this time,  Paypal is being very cooperative in helping out all of their customers but iTunes is not much help to accounts that have already been compromised.  We recommend that you change your passwords and beware of links within emails.  Keep an I on your iTunes and Paypal accounts and report immediately to Paypal and iTunes any unauthorized purchases.


This is not the first time iTunes Store has been attacked by authors of Apps.  Some of these 'scam authors' use this vulnerability to push their Apps to Best Seller status.



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