McAfee Update Shuts Down XP Machines


By Joe Vanderham, April 21, 2010


McAfee has been hard at work to fix an error in their most recent update, 5958 virus definition file (DAT), which was released at 6:00am PST.  The update is known to delete the svchost.exe file which triggers a false positive in McAfee and causes the computer to go into a endless loop of restarts.


The update seems to primarily impact corporate users and McAfee has stated that they are not aware of significant impact on consumer customers.  The update has been removed from the McAfee download servers for corporate users.  But this seems as if it has come to late as hundreds of thousands have been reported to been reported to been affected already including reports of affected computers at Intel and Dish Network.


You can get the official fix from McAfee here, though, it isn't just a quick fix process.  A technician needs repair each of the affected computers manually.



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