Error Repair Guide - Fix Error 1001, 1002, 1007


By Joe Vanderham, January 23, 2011


BitDefender's software offers great virus, spyware, and spam protection.  But like any software, it's bound to have some quirks.  A few of the more common errors that you might be having may be in this quick repair guide.


Error -1001 and error -1002 are known to come when there are problems with the connection between a users computer and BD's servers, causing the connection to the server to time out.


  • To fix this problem, try the following steps...

    ● Go to "Start" and open "Run". Type in "ncpa.cpl" and click "OK"

    ● Right click on "Local Area Connection"(you may have it named different) and then click "Properties"

    ● Double click on "Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv4)" you will see a new window.  Select the "Obtain DNS server address automatically" radio button and click "OK".  Do the same for "Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv6).



Error -1007 is a download error.  These occur when an update fails to download.


To repair this error, the steps below...

    ● Restart your computer into "Safe Mode"

    ● Go to "My Computer" and open "C:\Program Files\"

    ● Right click on the "NAG" folder and select "Properties".  Then select the "Security" tab and grant "Full Control" to all accounts that are shown.

    ● Restart Computer normally and run update.


If any assistance is required, get online computer repair here.



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