By kamarr richée, February 4, 2011


reflektions on CES: looking back on the future




true story: i watched a guy throw a laptop at a stranger just to make a point. now let me explain. my last day at CES was a whirlwind of exciting discoveries in South hall, leading me to realize that North, South, Central- it doesn’t matter which hall you’re in, there’s something awesome you just have to see. I was wandering through the Marvell exhibit while my wife was in the bathroom when just such a moment happened. there, in real life, was the OLPC. for those who don’t know, OLPC stands for One Laptop Per Child; it is a non-for-profit organization that aims to place one laptop in the hands of each child around the world, enabling them to take part in the benefits of modern technology and improve their chances at a better life for them and their family. i’ve known about them for years and have casually followed their actions online. but this year at CES i finally got to see one in person. i already knew all about how great it was and the functionality; i knew it so well that i was often completing the sentences of the guy demoing it to me. in all honesty, i could care less what he had to say, i was happy just to see and touch one in person. but he changed that when he started talking about durability. i knew it was durable. hell, when you look at the thing you can tell it’s built to take a beating. rubberized and insulated with a wipe-down keyboard; as my wife would later point out to him it’s a mother’s dream device for her children and any mom in the “developed world” would pay tons for one. but he took the demo to a new level. as he was talking, he shut the case, took out the battery and said “this thing is so tough you can even do this-“ and threw the thing off to the side, without looking mind you, directly into the path of some random guy walking by. let’s just say that guy was not expecting to see a green and white computer flying towards his feet at that particular time; the spectacle, however, worked. i was now silent and listened. he gathered up the component, popped the battery pack back in and booted up the device (it runs Linux, by the way; how awesome is that?!). over the next few years the OLPC will get a tablet form, though according to the rep it practically is since all of the components are already so simple; it just needs a reliable touch interface and game on. but all of that is nothing when compared to the look on that strangers face as he jumped in fear at a flying piece of tech from nowhere. OLPC; One Laptop Per Child and One Laugh Per Confrontation.


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