By kamarr richée, January 11, 2011


reflektions on CES: looking back on the future

Djembe and Canvas


this guy here is Djembe and Canvas and his creations were the first thing i saw at CES that i just had to take a picture of. he's an artist from the LA area who's paintings are about the harmony between rhythm and expression; but all of that can be found on his website and that's honestly not what we talked about in person. no, what we talked about was how he made these creations which, if you ever get to see them in person i definitely suggest it. he told me that through experimentation and research he came up with color combinations that gave the greatest impression of three-dimensionality when viewed through 3D glasses. now, i'm not an art critic, and this was CES, so why am i even talking about this guy? well, for one thing he was there as an artist who helped design some custom skins for cell phones; but even that is ultimately irrelevant to me. i'm writing about Djembe and Canvas because as i was walking through the North Hall of CES, his art caught my eye; and once i put on the 3d glasses it captured my imagination; and once i spoke with him he moved my heart. and that, to me, is what CES is supposed to be about, seeing things that remind you that we have only begun to explore the true limits of our being; seeing things that will continue to make you grin as reflect throughout the year of the sights you saw; seeing things that you can't see anywhere else but CES- that is, you can't see them anywhere else until after CES is over and all of the world is talking about the same things. Djembe and Canvas is just one example of the mind-blowing tech i saw at CES; yes his art may be far from electronic but it is still tech all the same. 

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