By kamarr richée, January 13, 2011


reflektions on CES: looking back on the future


The Black Beauty



            i miss being a kid. saturday morning cartoons, pajamas with feet, cuddling up in my dad’s lap; there is nothing in my adult life that really compares to the levels of enjoyment I would experience in the simplest task as a kid. that is, except for CES. this picture sums up why the warm fuzzy feeling I get when walking through the doors of CES is comparable to that felt waiting for the marshmallows to melt on your hot chocolate. i mean, it’s the car from the Green Hornet! not only was it riddled with bullet holes with almost half of the missiles fired off in combat, but I actually crawled inside of it and was able to put my hands on the wheel, spread my fingers over the console and stare out of the windshield with two giant machine guns sticking out of the hood! maybe in the next article i’ll discuss some of the more technical and electronics based aspects of the Sony booth at CES 2011, but screw all of that for now; this car was awesome!

             one of the great things about CES is that it is neither all tech nor all nerd but a mix of both. there’s hard drives and sports cars, video games and guys in 3-piece suits, cases for your phones and speakers for your hot rod; and this year there was also the car from the Green Hornet! i’m sorry, i know i keep saying that, but trust me, if you had been pushing your way through the crowded Sony booth, playstations with 3D games lined up (which do nothing for me as i’m a devoted Nintendo fanboy), some guy talking about the new line up on stage, some laptops and headphones over behind you and then, bam! there’s this car right in front of you. and then you see someone taking a picture of it, which means it’s okay to photograph it; so i start to take pictures. and then you see someone else walk up and get inside, and you think “can i get in too? no, not me.” but then you walk up and the guy’s like “you can get in if you want.” and you climb in, and there’s all the buttons for the weapons systems, with triggers on the steering wheel for the guns sticking out of the hood, and a video screen playing back scenes from the movie with Kato talking, and a crack down the middle of the windshield reminding you that this car can and does get into fights, and … and… and i felt like i had come home from school expecting to have a normal day of chores and homework only to find that mom and dad got off early and we’re going to the movies to see “Men in Black” on opening night. yeah, CES is awesome.

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